The 2014 Grammys: Disaster or Spectacular?

By some stroke of luck, I was ten minutes early to class this morning. After a short time, two other students took the vacant seats in the rows next to me.

“I just like, think they’re so fun to watch! Like, I love seeing all the dresses!” the girl said to her friend, clearly talking about the Grammys. The boy responded with this: “I don’t understand why anyone gets entertainment from seeing stupid celebrities giving each other stupid awards for their stupid crappy music. I don’t have time for that sh*t.”

I’m not sure if he saw the death glare I gave him two rows over.

My reaction to my  classmate's was quite similar to Beyoncé's reaction to Lorde's acceptance speech. Source: Twitter (@ParkerKitHill)

My reaction to my classmate’s opinion was quite similar to Beyoncé’s reaction to Lorde’s acceptance speech. Source: Twitter (@ParkerKitHill)

Unlike my classmate, over 29 million viewers across America tuned in to the 2014 Grammys last night.

Here are my top three highlights:

1. (Painfully) Awkward Dancing

Any avid viewer of the Grammys knows the celebrities in the audience tend to perform just as much as those on stage.

Yoko getting into the groove. Source:

Taylor may have liked Kendrick/Imagine Dragons a little too much. Source:

Clearly, last night was no exception.

2. Some Scary Performances

Katy Perry tried to pull off a witchy visual interpretation of her new single “Dark Horse” (maybe she’s been watching too much American Horror Story), but nothing was quite as interesting as Lorde’s performance of “Royals.”

Although Lorde’s stage presence was highly ridiculed, she did take home two Grammys last night. Source:

3. “Same Love” Show Stealer

Madonna's throws it back to her "Music" for her 2014 Grammys performance. Source: Instagram (@madonna)

If only we could all have Madonna sing at our weddings. Source: Instagram (@madonna)

History was made last night when 33 straight, gay, and lesbian couples were wed during a rendition of “Same Love” and “Open Your Heart” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with the help of Madonna.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter (@ActuallyNPH)

The event was truly remarkable and highly praised (GLAAD had nothing but good things to say to the Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive statement), although though some members of the gay community did not agree:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter (@RonanFarrow)

So what did you guys think about Macklemore, “Same Love”, and the Grammys as a whole? Where they spectacular, or a disaster? Let me know!

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