Why Blog?

Many people, especially the highly educated, see pop culture as a detriment – it distracts us from the real world. So why blog about it?

Justin Bieber was arrested just today, and this GIF already exists. But what good does this do for our society? Source: tumblr.com

The answer is simple: pop culture provides us with an outlet. It can inspire, or it can be used for humor. It’s a distraction, but a much needed one.

Blogging about pop culture will raise awareness for this outlet.  We care about who’s performing at the Grammys or what went down on AHS: Coven last night because we desire entertainment – it keeps us sane.

The surviving witches from last night's episode of AHS: Coven

The surviving witches from last night’s episode of AHS: Coven Source: thebacklot.com

A blog highlighting all the different aspects of pop culture will be a one-stop source for the distraction that keeps us all happy.

Personally, pop culture gives me a break from the chaos of my college life. As a political science and communications double major balancing an internship and studying for the LSAT, my life is full of nonstop seriousness.

Pop culture is my release from all of that. I believe it is of great value, and that’s why I’ve chosen to blog about it.

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